FreeBasic downloading/installing help

Step 1:

Download the FreeBASIC installation file from their website make sure you download the windows version. Save it to any folder. It can be found at:
Here's a snapshot from their website...

Step 2:

A IDE is used to make it easier to write and run your code. I recommend FBIDE. You can find this at.

Step 3:

Run the FreeBasic installer you downloaded earlier and follow its instructions

Step 4:

Run the FBIDE installer you downloaded and follow its instructions.

Step 5:

Run the newly installed FBIDE (This is what you will be using to write all your code). The first time you run it this should show up.

Click "Yes". the next screen should be like this.

Now we tell FBIDE where FreeBASIC is. To do this click the button to the right of the "Compiler path" field and using the browser find where you installed FreeBASIC and select the file "fbc.exe". You can just type in the path if you happen to know it. It should look similar to this...

Now click the "Ok" button and you should be all set!
Note: To run a program just press the F5 key!